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Micro sloyd knife – 40mm


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A micro sloyd blade intended for finishing cuts and detailed carving, shaped and sharpened by myself using the Hewn and Hone small knife jig. It is available with an elm handle and bark/wood strip sheath or as bare blade for you to handle yourself. The tang is 1/4 inch round bar so fits perfectly into a 6.5mm hole and is secured with epoxy resin glue.

Made from bearing steel, forged and heat treated by Nic Westermann. I use a Sorby ProEdge to refine the shape, establish the bevels and hone to a scary sharp edge. The bevels are symmetrical and flat with an edge angle of 30 degrees, which keeps the bevel narrow and the blade as stiff. This blade has a narrow bevels and is designed for carving delicate details and tight concave curves.

The blade is about 40mm long and though it has a sharp point it is recommended you do not use this to drill or pry, just for cutting in line with the blade.

Note that one of the images shows it in comparison to the 60mm finishing blade, so you can see the difference.

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Knife with handle and sheath, Blade only – handle yourself