Gift Voucher £40 – half price course or buy a spoon


please note: my learn to carve courses are designed for adults, the person you are buying this voucher for must be 18 or older to attend a course. I make sometimes make an exception for a teenager with experience of using hand tools but you must agree this with me before buying them a gift voucher.

This voucher can be used as discount on a course booking, making my beginners carving course half priced. Vouchers are valid for 1 year from when they’re purchased.

It can also be used as a discount voucher when buying a spoon, scoop or other item from this website.

When you buy a gift voucher I’ll create a unique code that can be used as a discount voucher in the checkout on this website. I’ll email you the code along with a jpg version of a gift card. You can print the gift card to insert into a Christmas or Birthday card, or just forward the email.

The person receiving the gift then visits this website to book a course for a date that suits them, they enter the voucher code and £40 is deducted from the cost allowing the course to be booked for half price. Easy as that.

Please allow me a day or so to send the email to you, I’ll always try my best to do it within 24 hours but sometimes I’m working away from a computer and it may take me a little longer to create the coupon and the card. – thanks.