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Blackthorn dolphin eating spoon #1


Length: 19cm (7 1/2 inches)
Bowl width: 4.5cm
Bowl length: 7cm
Finish: hemp seed oil

This elegant blackthorn spoon has plenty of gorgeous heartwood in the depths of the bowl and striking colour on the back of the handle. It does have a little bit of softer wood in the heartwood on the back of the bowl but I think it’s sound will last for a good long time. It’s a bit cheaper than it would otherwise be. I decided it deserved to go on sale as it’s a bit different to the others here and someone might just fall in love with it.  The long narrow form makes it equally suitable as a small serving spoon or a generous eating spoon.

Obviously not for eating dolphins, it’s just that the profile is like some of the old welsh dolphin spoons with a distinctive prominent hump on the top of the neck.

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