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Apple wood eagle eye spoon #2


Length: 16cm (6 1/4 inches)
Bowl width: 4.5cm
Bowl length: 6.5cm
Finish: hemp seed oil

This is just the second spoon I’ve carved from the limb of a big old (100 years+) apple tree that broke off in the autumn storms even though it’s still a bit too wet to carve. Sorry but the first one sold before it even got on the website. When the wood is knotty it’s cool if you can make the knots into features. This one has a knot in the handle that looks like the eye of an eagle, so folks said, so I carved the handle to look a little like an eagle’s beak whilst still being comfortable to hold (so if it doesn’t look really beaky to you that’s cos it’s for using and not just looking at). Anyway here you go there’s a close up in the product details gallery showing the eagle like features the right way round. I’m leaving the rest of the apple to mellow and will be using it in the spring.

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