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    Mini sloyd finishing knife

    Small sloyd finishing knife

    Sorry folks I’m out of stock, next batch will likely be late July. Email or msg me to go on the priority list – Thanks.

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    Mini sloyd blade shaped and sharpened by myself using the Hewn and Hone small knife jig. It is available with an handle of elm or oak and bark/wood strip sheath or as bare blade for you to handle yourself. The tang is 1/4 inch round bar so easy to fit into a 6.5mm drilled hole and secured with epoxy resin glue.


    Made from bearing steel, forged and heat treated by Nic Westermann. I use a Sorby ProEdge to refine the shape, establish the bevels and hone to a scary sharp edge. The bevels are symmetrical and flat with an edge angle is 25 degrees. The blade is between about 60mm long, these are hand forged so there’s a little variation. The blade is thinner towards the tip, allowing the bevel to be narrower to permit a tight concave surface to be carved without chatter. These are intended to be used for finishing cuts, kept super sharp and nick free so you can get a perfect knife finish on your work. Please note the tip is very fine and not to be used for prying or drilling as it will likely bend or break.

    Please note some of the images on this page show the finishing knife along side a Mora 106, this for you to get a clear idea of the comparative size of the blades and bevels.