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Garden benches

I make free form or sculptural garden benches that use natural curves and features of the wood to add interest and unique charater to each piece.

Made from oak and chestnut these are designed for a long life outside. I usually make to order although I will occasionally have one or two in stock, prices start from £550 depending on the size and design. The benches are relatively light weight making it easier to move them to the desired spot in our garden. Here are a few images – click on them to enlarge.

Most of these benches feature a ‘split seat’ and often a split back. This feature results from using planks that started to split during drying which are cheaper to buy. However the split is both an attractive feature and helpful for drainage following rain. There are oak blocks attached underneath with hidden coach screws to provide firm attachment for the legs and seat backs.  The legs do not socket right through the seat and so stay protected from the rain and elements. I first learned this method with Gudrun Leitz at Clissett wood on her wonderful sculptural furniture course.  I use Osmo UV Protection Oil to treat the wood and let it retain that golden oak glow as long as possible. Please note in time all outdoor furniture will weather to a silver grey appearance unless it has an annual clean and reoil.