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Small Sloyd Knives

Sorry folks sold out until Feb 2024: Please read the description of these knives before buying – they are not general purpose knives. They’re designed for finishing and fine detail carving of spoons and other small items. If you are a beginner to spoon carving or looking for your first carving knife please buy a Mora 106, it’s the best knife to learn with.

These knives are intended for more experienced carvers to supplement their existing sloyd knives. The 60mm knife is the general purpose finishing knife, the 40mm version is for those folks who prefer something even shorter for detailed work. Please note the tips on these knives are very fine and should not be used to pry or lever.

Welsh stick chair maker Dave Cockcroft

Chair Making

I make a range of Welsh Stick Chairs. These are made from green wood using traditional techniques and hand tools.

I make to commission and usually have a waiting list of around 6 months. Prices currently are £1400 for a six stick and £1500 for eight stick. The seat is made from a single piece of elm wood, the arms and comb are also usually of elm. The legs and spindles (sticks) are oak or ash.

The process is to get in touch and discuss what you want. I’ll put you on the list and contact you in a few months when your name is near the top of the list. At that point you’ll need to pay half the price to confirm your order, the remainder being paid on completion.

Shipping within the UK is around £100 although it’s often possible to arrange pickup or delivery in person if you don’t live too far away.