Welsh stick chairs are an early or more primative type of solid wooden seat chair, late this evolved into the form commonly referred to as a Windsor chair. A stick chair often has carved rather tha turned legs and lacks the twiddly decorative turned balls and coves and Windsor chair legs. The legs are set further into the seat and have a more pronounced angle whilst Windsor chair legs, particularly the front legs, are set nearer to the corner of the seat and are nearer to vertical. Executed well there’s a simple beauty and lithe form to a good stick chair.

Seats are made from elm and the legs and back from oak or ash. I make high back stick chairs at present although have plans to make low back, rather like a smokers bow, and a country kitchen or fireside armchair.

Here’s some picture of those I’ve made to date. The highback stick chairs are made to order and priced around £750 depending on details like the width of the arms and whether you’d like some of your own timber included in the design.